Stenciling a Wall (and the mess it made)

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Oh. My. Goodness.  Never let anyone tell you that they mastered anything immediately and without some crazy trial and error.   

So I’m still reclaiming my home office and I decided to use stencils.   Stencils are the bomb.  And don’t let anyone tell you differently (see what I did there?)   They can add so much to a room with just some paint and a little bit of practice (and I did it again!).   

They can also go horribly wrong super quick and what you think you are creating ends up to be the hottest mess of a life time.  Perhaps I exaggerate just a wee bit considering I dumped a bowl of fruit loops on the floor yesterday and THAT is truly a devastating moment.

Let us begin down my journey of ‘these are not our 80’s stencils any longer’ escapade of life called Home Office Reclaim.   First, I have not stenciled a wall since the early or mid 90’s when all we had was these teeny tiny stencils and acrylic paints in super small bottles.  Generally the image was of a barn or a flower.  That was about it.  Oh my how things have changed!

Now we have these super fabulous stencils from so many various companies and the one above is ‘this old wall’ from redesign with Prima.   The end result can be however you wish with whatever colors you choose.  It can be super fabulous or – as in my case – Wall Gone Horribly Wrong.   For whatever reason that completely escapes me, I had this brilliant idea that I was going to mix gray – Gravel Road Gray by Dixie Belle to be exact and red which would be Muscadine Red also by Dixie Belle.   And it would look all things fabulous.  Wonderful and the world would jaw drop and awe at my amazing ability.  

Aaaannndddd…yeah.  Delusional moments at it’s finest.   I don’t know what the hell got in to my brain but A.  I am not an artist that can blend colors like a pro because B.  I don’t know how and 3.  Math says letters and numbers go together so really, there is no 3 .

Ahhhhh….there it is – my beautiful piece of artwork on my wall for all the people to see.  Isn’t it glorious?  Aren’t you completely envious of my stencil blending of colors ways?  Only a person of talent could possibly accomplish such an amazing task that Picasso (he’s a painter, right?) would weep at.   

And when I say weep the Picasso – I truly mean it.  After you’re done laughing and the tears stop running from said heavy laughter – here we have what I officially labeled “What The Heck Is that Hot Mess on MY Wall’ moment.  

I did all the right things, I swear!  I poured my paint colors on to a plate.  I used my brush and pounced and I even remembered to off load all the extra paint.   And I still got the mess of a lifetime.   BUT!  And here’s why I love stenciling (you knew this was going to happen!) I can hate it until the cows come home (and as a farmer, cows do sometimes come home – not often but it happens) because stenciling (versus wall paper) can just be painted over.  Flipping Brilliant on a Brush Stick with an Off Load!   I hated it that first attempt so much I just painted right over it with the original wall paint and started again.    Take that Wall Paper – you can’t even compete!

When I tried for Number 2 Attempt, I even switched up the stencil and decided to use redesign with Prima Scripted Words in a more random pattern.  I did keep with the Gravel Road Gray from Dixie Belle as the color of choice for the words and I think it’s coming along very nicely.   Finally.   My Weeping Picasso is turning into a nice focal point for my Home Office Reclaim!  (disclaimer: I am a retailer for Dixie Belle and they are coming by the end of the month to purchase on line here on the web page for either shipping or in store pick up) 

You can even catch a live video showing how I used the Scripted Word Stencil over on my facebook page then added in an overlay portion of This Old Wall stencil.   For those that don’t have face book, I’ll be doing a step by step instructional post once the reclaim office is done.   For those who don’t want to wait for one of those…it’s super easy:

1.  Pick out your stencil

2.  Pick out your Dixie Belle Paints (I do retail them with free shipping over $50 for the continental US – you can email your order to me at and I’ll invoice out for you!

3.  Using painters tape – attach the stencil to your wall.

4.  Pour your paints on to a plate.

5.  Using either a brush (if it’s a thick stencil like this one from redesign) or your make up sponge (if it’s a thinner stencil) dip it in to your paint then using a paper napkin or even an old piece of cardboard – off load a bunch of the paint.

6.  Use a tapping motion to apply the remaining paint to the stencil and on to your wall.

Woolah – you’re officially a stencil person!  And if you don’t like how it came out – just using your original wall paint and go over it and try again.   Super easy way to change your room up and add a nice focal point! 

(to do an overlay of another stencil – you just repeat the process above with the second stencil – super easy!)

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