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Sometimes, I get super excited and just can’t help sharing and this is one of those times.  Meet the Secretary – she’s a secretary desk that a consignor gave me permission to reclaim and so reclaim I did.  I ran a quick short ‘pick a color’ option on my facebook page for someone besides me to choose the final color.  The most votes was for Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Caviar.  So Caviar it is.  Please note that caviar link will keep you on my page and send you to the shop section.

BUT – it’s not ending there and I’m super excited beyond a kid at Christmas who knows they are getting a puppy because the box barked.  Totally beyond thrilled and so much so that I decided to blog about while eating my tuna sandwich (with miracle whip, thank you very much).

That picture right there is why I am excited like a kid that just learned they had no cavities even though they eat candy every day.  

What now seems like a life time ago in a VW far away, I used to do captures then edit the every loving crap out of them.  True Story.  I quit doing it about the same time I opened my shop on Main Street and have missed it ever since.  I have always wanted to send some of these things out in the world and it’s probably the only time you will hear me use ‘artist’ and ‘me’ in the same sentence or breath.  Digital Art is a thing and I am good at it.  I enjoy the process of getting the right angle then using various tools both during and after the capture to create something beautiful.

Ssssooooo, I recently learned about a company called Piece Prints from Texas that does self adhesive over lays for furniture (or whatever else you want to use them on – possibilities are endless) and the owner sent me a few sample pieces to try out.   Long story short, I loved them.  Lots.

THEN!  (and here’s why I’m as excited as a teen with unlimited wifi) I found out they do custom requests.   Call me beyond happy when I sent this piece of Digital Art over to them and after finding out I sized it wrong (because I’m a bit dense like that, at times) and re sent a new one – it’s going to get turned into an adhesive overlay and used on the Secretary.  

Sweet World of all Things I love!  To say I am beyond excited to use my very own piece of art on a reclaim is….well like a mom who just found out there is a lock on the bathroom door so she can read a chapter of her novel in peace and quiet.  

Go me!   I’ll share the final reclaim when I’m done and that’s when you’ll see where I end up applying the Piece Print.    If by any chance you are looking to do a reclaim using your own art or you just want to get a preset style or design – check out Piece Prints.  They do have a wide variety of options as well as the ability to customize.

(side note:  I do sell Dixie Belle Products and the shop is almost done – feel free to browse and I ship free with purchases over $50.00)

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