Day 1 through 5 – Reality of food choices

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The last few days as a retailer have been a ton of up’s and down’s – constant question asking “Will my store pull through?” and “Why is everyone hoarding toilet paper’ along with “Doesn’t anyone realize salmon is disgusting?” Like I said…I’m all over the board with my randomness at this point. So many of us are and it’s a bit scary, confusing and nobody knows what the heck they are doing and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok to admit that to ourselves (and in my case, – as a blogger – to the rest of the world).

Days 1 through 5 haven’t been all that bad of considering I’m technically only on day 4 of my cute little retail shop in downtown Honesdale being closed per the recommendations. As much as I would like to claim I’m an essential place – reality tells me that I’m not. I sell paint (you should go buy some – I’ll ship it to you! If you are local, I have curbside pick up and local delivery too.) and home decor. Now I’m wondering if I should have started selling toilet paper but I’m a little too late for that float (my humor, it shines!)

Yesterday we actually needed some milk, so I went to our local mom and pop ‘corner store’ (again..this can be confusing because they are technically on a busy route and it’s not even on a corner – but whatev) and I decided i was hungry. Like…starving hungry. So I did some random shopping of things I didn’t need and bought myself some chips and dip. I was curious to see if they had toilet paper and a friend cut me off on the chase and flat out told me without asking…that no-they didn’t have toilet paper. So I bought Frozen Pizza instead and some chips and dip. The logic and reasoning behind all this makes complete sense in my brain – I was hungry. It’s food.

I may come to regret the life style of ‘wing it and hope I have enough to last’ when it comes to my inability to prepare for these sorts of things. But for now, I am the proud owner of two frozen pizza’s, 1 can of baked beans, a bag of chips and cheesy dip.

And now I’m hungry for wings… wings. With Blue Cheese. I’m pretty sure they are still available since most people are currently hoarding paper products and healthy snacks like pudding in cup (calcium people!) and jello boxes (just add water – brilliant invention).

If you’re bored and need something to do locally – go buy one of my DIY kits and I’ll hand it off curbside or deliver it locally. I got the things to keep you sane with more things coming Friday and may eventually have to work out some sort of ‘craft to tp’ trade in the upcoming days considering my meal plan.

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