Actual Day 5 – and so it begins….

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I’ve started and stopped this post about 7 times already because I’m not sure what the heck I’m doing today. Seriously, I have had all these plans and now none of them are currently doable so they have to get moved to when they are currently doable.

So I have a few choices;

Laundry – as in stop being a basket dweller and actually put it away. I’m going to veto that nonsense. We’ll save that for a rain day (it’s raining today but I’m on ‘ignore the weather pattern right now’)

Clean out the clothes that don’t fit – but I’m thinking by the end of this – I’ll have even more clothes that don’t fit so why jump into something I’ll have to do again anyway? Logic 101 right there

Shave the Dog – I actually did this the other day and she was not pleased.

Finish the office reclaim – WINNER!

I’m also going to stare at my cat and try to figure out if she is taking her water hoarding to all new levels or if I’m imagining things

my cat having some serious water hoarding issues

There has also been some concern over my eating habits after yesterdays post. Please be assured that I am eating healthy…..I had a salad yesterday that I picked up from our local mom and pop corner store (again, they are not a corner – they should fix that!) when I got the chips and dips and random can of baked beans.

proof of healthy eating is in the picture

Then I promptly shot the healthy part all to hell when I added a pound or three of salad dressing and some croutons. Seasoned, thank you very much.

A real salad eater eats the dressing too

Day 6 should be a lot more interesting then the start of day 5. Perhaps I’ll have pictures of the office reclaim finished or at the very least…..the stencil work finally done.

(also, I can no longer sell out of the store so feel free to buy the paints and I’ll have Dixie Belle ship them to you directly – (that’s a shameless plug!)

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