Day 6 – The day I panic – sorta

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And that right there is the reason behind my panic. Not a clue if this true but it must be because it was on face book. That guy did some pretty amazing things and according to the meme, it was during the time he was stuck in his house because of the Bubonic Plague.

Then there is me….wondering how I can ration out my jelly beans to last a few more days – or even weeks. My life is about to get pretty rough if these bad boys get consumed too soon. Feel for my family, they are stuck in this house with me and we haven’t been stuck in a house together for a very long time. It’s getting to to the point that I might have to ban my husband from emptying the dish washer. He put a fork where the spoon belongs. Wholelotta not right going on.

It’s all good though, I did stop eating popcorn long enough yesterday to finish the wall stencil for my office reclaim.

Pardon me while I go count my jelly beans……shit’s about to get real in this here house.

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