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Many years ago, I was a stay at home that made breakfast, provided lunch and did my fair share of cooking dinner. I’ve always tried to pawn it off on my husband for grilling (to the point I might have melted some outdoor house vinyl in order to be banned from the grill) to ordering take out whenever possible. About three years ago (give or take, I don’t even know what day today is), I opened a brick store and purposely arranged my schedule so I only had to cook two times a week and every other Sunday. This schedule has worked well for us as my husband is a fantastic cook and there are some great restaurants in our area, who I am extremely thankful are doing curbside pick up right now, looking at you Red School House. I hit them up about once a week for some delicious dinners and cake. Yes, I said cake. I love cake.

All I can say is – What the hell people. Now I’m back to pretending I’m some sort of Domestic Goddess and find myself making french toast in the morning. I’ve purposely avoided this crap for as long as I could and yet, here I am. Whisking some eggs, getting out my griddle and french toasting it with the best of them. Last night, I even got out the ol’ crock pot and did some beef ribs with white rice (instant kind, thank you very much) and today I’m considering the possibly of baking brownies. From a box. Just add egg and water. I’m not a baker either. It’s really kinda sad because one of my best friends IS a chef and I met her in 8th grade when I spilled an entire bag of flour on our schools home economics carpeted floor and tried to rub it in with my foot. ( Hint: this technique only works if it’s a small amount of flour and home ec teachers are not super thrilled when they find you trying to rub an entire bag into their floor. Just saying. In any case, I’m not fond of cooking. At.All and will go to great extreme’s to get out of the task. )

I went through another three years in High School with her cooking all sorts of things and even won a kids in the kitchen contest thingy with some amazing croissants. I finally quit cooking classes when it came to learning how to garnish. I figured I didn’t need to learn how to make a plate pretty when I was just gonna shove the stuff into my mouth. So although I do know how to cook (well, thank you very much) I positively hate doing it. And here we sit….back to cooking.

On a positive note, I’ve picked myself up by barn boots and managed get a few projects almost finished and one of them is the office reclaim. I’ve been working on the door to the office. As in, I started it Sunday and you can view the Facebook live post here on my page. It’s short because my attention span is short right now too. I’m using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Sawmill Gravy which is this beautiful creamy gray on one of those old brown doors and so far, I’m liking the results. Later today – I’ll have my husband cut some moulding and after it’s painted and attached to the door (along with a door knob), I’ll go live again so please feel free to like my page and I’ll have a how to done here on the blog soon.

That’s the first coat of the door and now the second coat is done and I’m ready for the moulding.

I’ll catch you later on face book and tomorrow on the blog – I think tonight I’m going to do spaghetti tonight. Boil noodles, open a jar and serve. I got this.

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