The Day the Reality Set in

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No pictures this time and a short update. I’ve been a bit on the pissy side for a few days now and not exactly feeling the best health wise. No, I doubt I have C19 because the symptoms do not fit but I am making sure I stay away from people – just in case.

But reality has definitely finally sunk in that I’ll most likely be home for a bit and my crafting will be done here and my office is going to look like a bomb hit it again and all things are backwards and strange.

I purposely cleaned this office out of all crafting things besides my back up cricut and now these things are here again. It’s like that old Slim Shady song….”Back….back again….” pfft. No I didn’t miss you and the FCC can go suck it. So yes, I’m a bit angry but not at anyone or anything in particular. I’m just annoyed as hell that although I could go to the shop and I have been going there (I have some custom pieces that I’m working on for when this is all over) – it’s just not the same. And I have stuff between two different locations and this not how anything was supposed to be. I had plans and although I used to be pretty good at tossing plan A in favor of plan B…..I’ve realized that when I have to toss both A and B….there is no C! And frankly, I’ve had myself on such a schedule since January (thank you Masterclass!) that I find myself trying to swim up stream in the snow with clogs on and I’m not getting anywhere. So I suppose it’s time to pull up my big girl britches and come up with a plan C. Check on your retail friends…..we are not ok.

On a lighter note….my husband just cut the moulding for the door that I can now paint. We measured it last night and almost ended up divorced. I’m not sure what anyone thought might be the outcome when he took an ink pen to my freshly painted door to mark the spots for the moulding. He measures all things. I don’t. So there is this bit of a battle of wills going on here – he’s helping me…I need his help because I don’t measure but his measuring is driving me up the wall. And he knows this and his jokester side is taking full advantage of it. Let the games begin.

Speaking of games….we have a new exercise program in our house for the teen. Randomly throughout the day, we call her name and listen to her tromp her way across the upstairs….down the stairs….across the down stairs and into the kitchen. We have a rather large farm house so this does take a few minutes) At which time we proceed to ask her a random non relevant question. In which she answers. Just so she can make the trek back upstairs an await our next random question. We like to call this ‘gym time’. She’s not overly fond of it but she is humoring us and continuing to navigate the paths to participate in this lovely and fun (for us) activity.

On a lighter note – our school district is starting up cyber school. I’m not sure how thrilled she is about this but I’m ecstatic because I have not a clue how to teach a kid that has more brain power then her father and I combined. This is a win.

Chin up, face forward and continue moving……this too shall pass and we’ll be the happier for it. Or so I keep telling myself. Either way – forward is the only way to move some place because backwards is where you have already been. Plan C – here I come.

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