Reclaim with Dixie Belle Patina Paints!

Do you love Dixie Belle Patina Paints? I know I do!

Create this chippy look with Sea Spray mixed with a little Patina Bronze and Copper – paint it on with chip brush.

Then layer Bronze and Copper and spray with blue activator. Let Dry.

Paint some Iron Patina next in random spots and spray with Green Activator. Let dry

Satin seal – super easy and super fun! (don’t forget to stir the patina paints as you go!)

A few tips and tricks with Dixie Belle Patina:

  1. Use a throw a way chip brush
  2. Continuously stir your paints as you go because the Dixie Belle Patina Paints has metal flakes in it that sink to the bottom.
  3. Best results if you let final layer (especially Iron!) sit over night. Sun also gives a much better result.
  4. Wipe down with damp cloth prior to sealing. Not completely necessary but it will get rid of any powder residue (I rarely do this!)
  5. Pour your clear coat (I like Satin) into a separate container instead of dipping brush into original container. That way, you have no cross contamination.

Happy Painting!!

1 thought on “Reclaim with Dixie Belle Patina Paints!”

  1. Use the Metal Start any time you are painting over metal – it stops the patina process from eating away the metal over time. The Patina Guard is perfect for sealing outdoor projects. Sealing is not required but it will stop the patina process from continuing

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